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Our SHE STATEMENT for "Yes She Cannes" 2019 

is to show unity for supporting gender equality, while instilling and reenforcing how precious & valuable we ALL are through our "worth your weight in GOLD" theme.

Our aim is to spread our message that:
"Everyone can achieve all they desire, when they embrace their worth

"This campaign is inspired by my passionate desire for women to start truly believing in themselves. By having a strong foundation to stand on and unified support, I believe that together we can achieve everything. 

Each of us have the ability to achieve all we desire, if we allow ourselves to believe we can & embrace how precious, valued and worthy we all are.

I hope the "Yes She Cannes" campaign is able to spread our message of hope, unity and positivity within the film industry."

Faith Elizabeth

Our campaign has several key elements.


Through our branded merchandise, we hope to share unity in our message of self-belief to attendees of the Cannes Film Festival. For this reason we gift our badges to attendees to help spread awareness.

NEW for this year, we have specially designed limited edition YES SHE CANNES NECKLACES. These are available from us for 30€ at Cannes Film Festival. 

Crafted in 925 silver or 18t gold plating, these necklaces can be worn day or night, pairing perfectly with any outfit.

Wear our YES SHE CANNES badge and necklace with pride, as we stand together publicly in unity & support for gender equality.


We have an event planned at the Cannes Film Festival where our key focus is to celebrate and champion women's achievements within the film industry. 
A large part of the problem of believing in ourselves is not having enough 
accessible role models and mentors to interact with. After personally meeting so many inspiring women at Cannes Film Festival, we have realised the importance of surrounding ourselves with positive, driven, passionate women who all share a common goal with is our SHE STATEMENT.

Women are accomplishing great things every day, in all areas of the film industry.
At our mass photoshoot, on the beach, we hope to take a moment to shine a light on some of the talented women and their achievements with our
"SHE SPOTLIGHT". With this we hope to motivate and inspire others to realise they can achieve greatness with these things too. 



Every person strives to feel their work is recognised and appreciated for what they do. We hope to show a small reflection of this appreciation and gratitude by gifting some of our SQUAD with individually written cards. We hope these words of encouragement inspire them to continue their amazing work. 
"You are seen. You are valued.
You are loved."

Faith Elizabeth & Jennifer Niejadlik

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