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for Festival De Cannes 2019

We are proud to have finished our first Festival de Cannes Guide. This FREE guide aims to provide information for everyone, from the complete newcomer, to the seasoned professionals; there's something for everyone.
We were delighted that our campaign last year inspired many ladies to attend the Festival. Following this, we were being asked for advice from numerous new attendees. From this we realised that a film professional specific guide was needed that covered everything from the basics of how the Festival works, what to pack and how to dress and where to go. 
Drawing from the 9 years experience Company Director Jennifer Niejadlik has and the 4 years experience founder Faith Elizabeth has, in addition to input from our friends and colleagues, we have created this extensive guide.
If you have any feedback, or think we have missed any information we should include in future editions, please do e-mail us.
We are also accepting submissions of photographs.
If your company would like to be featured in future years, please e-mail us for more information.
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